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University Prof: ‘Black-on-Black Crime is Not a Thing’

Campus Reform
Written by Campus Reform

A professor lectured white students and faculty on how they are “complicit” in racial oppression Tuesday during “Anti-Oppression Week” at Regis University.

The session, titled “White Guilt, White Feelings, and the Struggle for Liberation,” was designed to teach attendees “How to ignore your feelings and use your power to be anti-prejudiced!”

The lecture was offered as part of the week-long Anti-Oppression Schedule at Regis, which addressed topics such as microaggressions, “the oppressive power of language,” and “allyship” with the LGBTQ community.

Jack Flotte, a member of Regis University’s Social Justice and Spirituality Committee, opened the session by scolding his white peers and professors on their state of “white fragility,” saying, “Like it or not, we are already accomplices. The question becomes: to what end are we partners in the crime of continuing to perpetuate these systems that dehumanize and oppress people, or are we partners in creating something new?”

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He then outlined several paradigms that he considers counterproductive, starting with the demand that white people “quit mythologizing black-on-black murder by isolating statistics,” boldly claiming that “Black-on-black murder is not a thing. It’s just a bad argument. Black-on-black crime is not a thing. Don’t talk about it. Shut it down when peo…

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