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Antisemitism – I Just Don’t Understand

Many years ago I was involved in a chat room when chat rooms were new and popular.

There was a lot of good-natured joking and teasing around. My nickname in the chat room was AGoodGuy, and I took a lot of ribbing about that name. One day several of us were joking around and I responded to one of the participants with what I believed was a witticism. That person responded in this way, “No, AGG (My AGoodGuy nickname had its own nickname, AGG.) you don’t understand. I’m a Jewish princess.”

I have no recollection what we had been talking about, but there it was.

nazi2One of the ladies in the chat room was obviously a Jew. My response was, “Well, I’m not a Jewish princess, but I am a Jew.” Of course a couple of the folks said they didn’t believe me and then one challenged me about the veracity of my statement. “Well,” I began, “I’m a Methodist, but the Methodist Church came out of the Anglican Church which came out of the Roman Catholic Church. The first RC Pope was Peter, a Hebrew fisherman in the first century AD and his boss was Jesus, a fine Jewish lad who knew his way around the Torah.” For the most part, I got a lot of good natured kidding and lots of LOLs and even a couple of ROFLMAOs. (Ask your teen aged children to explain that one to you.)

But here’s my point today.

We are seeing a resurgence of antisemitism and anti-Zionism in recent months that is stunning. Didn’t the Holocaust of WWII put that kind of attitude behind us once and for all? Do we have to go through this again? Where is Anne Frank now that we need her in this century? It’s as though there is a body of hatred that has been building up since the first century that just has to boil over from time to time. Even academic Jews are joining hands with the jihadists to castigate the Israelis for what? For having the only viable democracy in the Middle East. For having the only educational institutions that offer academics to Muslims. For giving legitimate Arabic citizens of Israel, complete voting rights?

It’s chic to be an anti-Semite and it’s chicer to be a Jewish anti-Semite. Didn’t their parents and their grandparents teach them manners? Didn’t their teachers and their professors teach them about the Holocaust and the Nuremburg trials?

I just don’t understand where this hatred of this ancient people is coming from.

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About the author

Harry Livermore

Harry Livermore spent a lifetime teaching English in high schools and junior colleges in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Georgia. He now writes for and is editor of the Valdosta Magazine. Harry and his wife Janice live in Valdosta, GA. They are members of the First Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Valdosta. Harry has two sons, six grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren who live in Georgia, Oklahoma, and Texas.

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