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MLK’s Niece Weighs in on Warren Using Coretta Scott King’s Letter as ‘Bait and Switch’ [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Several people have commented on the incident on the senate floor where Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) was sent back to her seat, saying that it was a political mistake for Republicans to do what they did. If only they had left it alone and let her do her thing, she wouldn’t have become the ‘hero’ that she is today.

Then, we find out that she’s got a book scheduled to be published in April, and her senate ‘martyrdom’ has only helped bring attention to herself and her book. Also, her poll numbers weren’t doing so well in her home state of Massachusetts, so maybe this episode of righteous indignation will make her more popular. Of course, it could also backfire.

While Warren piously invoked Coretta Scott King’s words in her judgment of Senator Jeff Sessions, one member of the King family the left wouldn’t dare consider consulting is Alveda King – Martin Luther King’s niece. They won’t talk to her, because she’s pro-life, and she’s not a race-baiter.

She weighed in on Senator Warren’s ‘persecution’ at the hands of ‘racist’ white males in the senate, who obviously wanted to silence Warren only because she was reading the writings of a black woman. Alveda King said Warren’s politically expedient use of the King name was like a ‘bait and switch’ and an example of playing the race card. Here’s what she told Neil Cavuto:

“In that letter, she would be referring to perhaps some of [Jeff Sessions’] comments, however, she would agree today that he of course ended some school segregation, he worked to prosecute members of the KKK.

“Aunt Coretta was a very reasonable woman and she, with integrity, would have noted that he had done some great work in fighting against discrimination…

“She had very strong opinions and concern for all Americans and perhaps people all of the world and I believe certainly that if she could look at the record of Senator Sessions today, with integrity, she would say ‘well he has worked to prosecute the Ku Klux Klan, he has worked to desegregate public schools,’ so it’s almost like a bait and switch, stir up their emotions, use the name King, and my name is Alveda King, play the race card.”

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