Evander Holyfield Makes Waves for saying Being Gay “Is a Choice.”

Famed boxer Evander Holyfield is a contestant on the UK show Celebrity Big Brother.

He promptly caused some international waves by taking on the popular belief that homosexuality is something you’re born with. See the conversation with another cast member here:

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Here’s the transcript.

Luisa: Is there any gay boxers?

Evander: Yeah, I’m sure there is.

Luisa: Is it public knowledge?

Evander: Ain’t no-one came out and said they were.

Luisa: I think it’s really bad that no-one stands up and says it in the sporting industries. I think it’s good to be open about that because it’s normal.

Evander: What would be good about it? That ain’t normal.

Luisa: We shouldn’t have this conversation. No, let’s not have this conversation, it won’t be good.

Evander: The bible let’s you know, that’s wrong, that’s right.

Luisa: That’s just the way some people are.

Evander: No, it don’t make no difference. If you were born and your leg were turned this way, what do you do, you go to the doctor and get it fixed back right.

Luisa: It’s not about being fixed, it’s about… that’s just the way that you are.

Evander: No no no no no, you mean to tell me…

Luisa: I really don’t want to have this conversation.

Evander: I’m not mad, I’m just saying…

Luisa: You don’t understand, I don’t think it’s an appropriate conversation to have in this house, honestly.

Evander: All I’m trying to tell you, you know how handicapped people are born, you can’t say because they were born that way…

Luisa: You can’t compare, of course you can’t compare someone that’s gay to someone that’s handicapped, it’s not a choice.

Evander: Yes it is a choice, come on, that ain’t the way nobody is made.

Luisa: I’m tired. I don’t think people have a choice in their sexuality, or they would be unhappy.

Of course, after his conversation, Evander needed to be chastised by the producers of Big Brother.

Big Brother: “Before you entered the Big Brother house, the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour were explained to you. Last night, in a conversation with Luisa, you expressed the view that being gay was not normal and that it could be fixed. While Big Brother understands these are the views you hold, they aren’t the views that are held by a large section of society and expressing these views will be extremely offensive to many people. Do you understand why?

Evander: Yeah I understand why, I forgot about the thing. I was just telling her my opinion, but it’s not like I was gonna mention it to anybody else, that was just our conversation.

Big Brother: Big Brother does not tolerate the use of offensive language and must therefore warn you to consider very carefully the effect expressing such views may have and the harm and offence you may cause by repeating these views inside the house. Do you understand, Evander?

Evander: Okay then. Yes I do.

I’m not sure if any of you have ever watched Big Brother, but the idea that they don’t tolerate offensive language is ridiculous. Offensive things happen on Big Brother every episode. If you’ve only seen the American version and you know how offensive that is, the British version is leaps and bounds worse! What the producers mean here is “We do not tolerate political incorrectness.”

Why is it okay to express the view that homosexuality is normal and natural but not the opposite? Both views are held by huge swaths of the population. Shouldn’t it be wrong, then, to support either side, seeing as someone will likely be offended by support for either position? There are millions (or billions) of people the world over who are offended by expressions of homosexual behavior on television, and yet TV producers continue to portray gay couples on their shows.

The point is that Big Brother’s argument is a red herring.

Offensive points of view are fine, as long as you are offending the “right” people.

The left will keep beating on us and beating on us until they break our collective backs. They will not tolerate our views. They will not tolerate our perspective. They will not tolerate our beliefs, philosophies or our faith. To tolerate us means allowing our ideas to persist, and if our ideas persist there will always be that nagging voice in the back of their minds that says, “What if they’re right?”

If Big Brother and their ilk are correct – nothing changes. But if we are right… then everything changes.

And that terrifies them.

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