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What If Buying Coffee Were Like Obamacare

The folks at Reason Today have prepared a great instructional video on what it would be like if we had to buy coffee the way Obamacare wants us to buy healthcare.

And it is spot on.

Share it with everyone you know – all of those middle ground voters who aren’t sure what they believe and simply vote the way the media tells them to – those are the people who need to see this.

From the Reason Today site:

obamacaredisasterWhile the video above seems like it is a joke, here are the actual quotes from the website:

From the penalty page:

If someone who can afford health insurance doesn’t have coverage in 2014, they may have to pay a fee. They also have to pay for all of their health care.

Fantastic. I get to pay for my healthcare, which is fine, but then also a fee on top of that. Why would I have to pay a fee if I already am paying for my own healthcare?

The fee is sometimes called the “individual responsibility payment,” “individual mandate,” or penalty.

Wouldn’t paying for your own healthcare mean taking responsibility for your own healthcare? The fee doesn’t seem to do anything other than not go to your own healthcare.

When someone without health coverage gets urgent—often expensive—medical care but doesn’t pay the bill, everyone else ends up paying the price.

Because we are forced to….by the government.

That’s why the health care law requires all people who can afford it to take responsibility for their own health insurance by getting coverage or paying a fee.

You can read he rest of their brilliant commentary here.

But everything about this video is ridiculously accurate.

It seems crazy because the video is so over the top – but you can check the accuracy of all of the videos claims against the Obamacare information pages including the penalty page. The Coffeecare video may be satire, but it is an extremely accurate representation of Obamacare. Consider also, that the Obamacare legislation passed through the House and the Senate even though it’s this ridiculous…

That should make us all very, very sad.

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