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Feminist Leader and Former Muslim Stands up For President Trump

Written by Onan Coca

It seems that as each new day passes we hear of more and more Muslim leaders, groups, and nations who fully support (and agree with) Donald Trump’s recent order to pause migration from 7 Muslim majority nations.
  • Zudhi Jasser of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy, argued that Trump’s policy doesn’t go far enough. “It’s not a Muslim ban. I mean, it’s absurd. They’re pausing from seven countries that Obama had already listed as hot spots. I would have added — if you’re going to start, I would have added Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Pakistan, at least, since those are probably the primary cauldrons of radical Islamism. But, you know, having said that, the bottom line is that it’s important to realize it’s a pause. It’s not a ban.” 

Now we can add freedom fighter and women’s rights advocate Ayaan Hirsi Ali to that number of Muslims who believe that a pause in immigration may be the best path forward for the United States. In a recent op-ed for the Huffington Post, Hirsi Ali reminds her readers that she too was once a refugee and that she too was a Muslim. She sympathizes with the plight of those suffering under the hell that is radical Islam, but the answer is not for the West to take in more refugees… no, the answer is to end radical Islam.

I was a Muslim refugee once. I know what it’s like. I know what it’s like to gamble your entire future on a one-way ticket to a foreign land, what it’s like to fill in the forms, not knowing for sure what the right answers are. I know what it’s like to fear rejection, deportation and the dangers that await you back home.

Yet today I am an American citizen, one who has more reason than most to fear Islamic extremism. And that’s why I want to plead with my fellow Americans to calm down and think rationally about the dilemmas and trade-offs that we face…

In halting the entry of all refugees, and in appearing to be directed against Muslims — including even those who had worked for the U.S. military as interpreters — it (the immigration executive order) was much too broad. In temporarily banning citizens from just seven countries, however, it was also too narrow (citizens from Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and several North African countries have also been implicated in terrorism).

I urge you to read all of Hirsi Ali’s thoughtful and well-reasoned piece, as she echoes many of the sentiments of other conservative speakers on this issue. While we, as Americans, have a duty to help those in need, we must do this intelligently, considerately, and in a manner that is also best for our nation and our citizens. As more and more Muslims begin speaking out about the benefits of the Trump administration’s policies towards the Muslim world, hopefully the media will take notice and help support the reforms that they are championing.

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