Mexico Says They Don’t Want Trump to Build the Wall…Trump Says he Doesn’t Care

Mexico’s president says he will not pay for Trump’s wall because he says he does not believe in walls.  Yet his own southern border is closed to keep Central and South Americans from entering Mexico.

When it comes to people and government, walls serve two purposes; they keep unwanted people out, or they lock prisoners within.  Leftists compare the wall Americans would build along the Mexican border with the Berlin Wall.  The Berlin Wall was built to keep socialist’s slaves from escaping to freedom.  Many people were killed making the attempt.  To compare Trump’s wall, which is the same as the wall Obama is building around his house, to that is proof of how backwards and dysfunctional is liberal moral thinking.  Trump’s wall is not to keep Americans from escaping to Mexico.

Castañeda – the drugs that come from Mexico are not Mexico’s problem

Aside from those coming to America to steal jobs, jobs that Democrats say Americans won’t do, the greatest threat is from the dru…

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