Neil Gorsuch: An Originalist on the Court is Just the Beginning

Written by iPatriot

There has been an unwavering level of praise for President Trump coming from the vast majority on the right since he announced Tuesday that Neil Gorsuch was his nominee to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. It was a great pick, one that is perfect when the overall strategy of the nomination and confirmation process are taken into account. With that said, the mounds of platitudes being lobbed at Trump are as meaningless as the unjustified attacks hurled at him from the left if this is the end of his embrace of Constitutional conservatism and originalism.

Let’s face it: the list of SCOTUS picks he was given while on the campaign trail consisted of a fairly narrow set of people. Almost all of the names on the list were acceptable at the least to conservatives who track such things. He could have picked any of those names out of a hat and the resulting opinions would have been similar. The right would have called the nominee “just like Scalia, only better,” while the left would have called the nominee “just like Satan, only worse.” That’s politics.

Trump took it a few steps further. In Gorsuch, he nominated som…

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