Marco Rubio: Fall from Grace

Ah, Marco Rubio – how the once mighty has fallen to the level of, well, everyone else. I hinted just a couple of days ago that Marco Rubio was taking a BIG chance on getting the Gang of Eight immigration reform package passed, and lo and behold, today we find out from the good folks at Rasmussen that Rubio’s poll numbers have taken a tumble. Now, for Rubio, a drop in the polls simply means he’s gone from superhero to popular politician – but it’s a drop in the polls nonetheless.

Rasmussen’s most recent poll finds that Rubio’s support among Republicans has dropped to 58%. One month ago those numbers were 10 points higher, and back in February it was actually 15 points higher! In that time Rubio became the mouthpiece for the Gang of Eight on immigration reform, and it seems that Republicans are going to fault him for it.

Byron York over at the Washington Examiner points out: “The decline in Rubio’s favorable rating appears related to his decision to lead an effort — reforming the immigration system — that few believe the government will actually achieve.”

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The biggest issue that Marco Rubio faces is that this piece of legislation that he has latched onto has been received well by the Democrats in the Senate and by a couple of RINO Republicans (John McCain and Lindsey Graham).

Conservative stalwarts believe this bill to be nothing but more of the same and refuse to continue the farce of “let’s pretend” immigration policy.

“Let’s pretend” illegal immigration has no impact on society. “Let’s pretend” that we aren’t currently struggling to make sure that Islamic terrorists aren’t trying to get into our country and wreak havoc. “Let’s pretend” that our current border security measures are working just fine. “Let’s pretend” that in this current period of economic malaise we have the ability to support 11 million illegal immigrants.

Conservatives are very much cognizant of the fact that immigration reform is necessary, and we welcome it wholeheartedly, as long as what’s most important is handled first. And what’s most important is securing our southern border and ensuring that the illegals who currently reside here are not a threat to our people.

Marco Rubio was looking for a piece of legislation that could become his cornerstone achievement. Something he could build upon to show that he can navigate the blood filled waters of the Senate as well as any other politician. He was looking for a piece of legislation that could show him to be bipartisan and a uniter of factions. He was looking for a piece of legislation to begin building his legacy upon, a legacy that he hopes leads to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Mr. Rubio, this piece of legislation was not the right one to grasp on to


Rubio allowed himself to be played like a pawn by Graham, McCain, Schumer and Reid. They sought a young, popular conservative who was ready to make a splash, and they found an all too eager Marco Rubio to sell their legislation to conservatives. The problem is that conservatives can read. We see the legislation for what it is – another piece of Democrat illusion. Conservatives already revile McCain and Graham; Marco Rubio would be wise to untether himself from them before they do even more damage to his reputation.

The Gang of Eight was a mistake, Senator Rubio. Walk away now.



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