Trump’s ‘Illegitimate?’ Democrats aren’t Even Legitimate Americans!

Over 200 years of peaceful transfers of power ends tomorrow.  The Left says Trump did not legitimately win the election.  Today’s blacklisters are the communists America tried to root out in the 50s.  Here is all the proof that the Leftists are the totalitarian socialist fascists who deal in deception and lies.

Leftarts are saying Donald Trump is not a legitimate president.  They say he did not legitimately win the election based on the popular vote – even though Hillary lost every battleground state and then some.  Rush Limbaugh made a perfect analogy of how the electoral college works and the rules of the election by comparing it to the 1960 World Series.  The Pittsburgh Pirates won 4 of 7 games and the title, but the New York Yankees scored 55-27 total runs.  The title is not based on who scores the most runs in seven games, but who wins the most games.  Pitt won four of the games by a small margin, but the Yankees ran up the score in the games they won.  Trump won the states, but California, New York, Illinois, and Virginia ran up the vote tallies in their states with bogus votes from illegals and felons and fraud.  (Detroit was caught yielding a phony tally for Hillary thanks to Jill Stein demanding a recount, and that’s just one city.)

That’s how leftists defraud the people, but it doesn’t matter because America is not a democracy.  The Founders made America a republic because democracies always fall to their own corruption.  Leftarts cannot face reality.  America is not a democracy, but a republic.  The presidential election is not a contest of votes, but a contest of states.  Just because states like California can stuff the ballot box by allowing illegals to vote in American elections in violation of federal law does not mean their votes should count.  Donald Trump did not have to win the majority of vot…

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