City Says Using Garage For Anything But Car is Illegal!

It’s Illegal to store anything but your car in your garage in San Francisco

San Francisco is a great example of what happens when liberalism runs amok. What the left “innocently” forgets when they woo voters to their cause is the obvious and logical outcome of their policies. Government involvement in every facet of life.

In San Francisco, one of the examples of leftist policies that are just simple outgrowths of leftist philosophy, is the micromanagement of a community.

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In this case it has to do with your garage.

§ 603 GARAGES.

[Added by Ord. 399-89, App. 11/6/89; amended by Ord. 161-92, App. 6/4/92; Ord. 350-95, App. 11/3/95; Ord. 256-07, App. 11/6/07]

(a) No automobile or other motor vehicle shall occupy any portion of an apartment house or hotel
except in a garage which meets the requirements of the Building Code and other provisions of the Municipal Code.

(b) Use. Private and public storage garages in apartment houses and hotels shall be used only
for storage of automobiles.

(c) Separation. See Section 406.1 of the Building Code. When approved,
existing separations in existing buildings may be acceptable.

What’s that? You want to put your old Christmas decorations in a box in the garage? Well you could… but you’d be breaking the law. Want to store your bicycle in your garage instead of your living room? Criminal.

nannyThe nanny state knows no bounds, folks. It will reach its creepy crawly tendrils wherever it can, and it will choke out any freedom it finds there. We might read this ordinance and laugh and say, “They can’t enforce that!” But the real question is, “How did that law pass in the first place?” The answer is liberalism.

Liberalism says that the government and your concerned neighbors have a right to tell you how to live your life and how to run your home. So some silly liberal back in 1989 complained to the city that their neighbor’s garage was messy and the government better do something about it! And the government did… they made it illegal to store your crap in the garage. Liberalism at work. Liberalism at its purest.

This philosophy of “my nose in other people’s business” is what makes liberalism so aggressive and so hard to stop. Think about it. We all have these liberal predilections at times. We see the bad dad at the playground letting his kid eat sand and climb on age-inappropriate structures. Or the mom on the cell phone while she’s driving and putting lipstick on. And what is our first thought? “Someone should call the cops on them!” Mind your own business, folks. Most of us were raised riding bikes without helmets, and sitting in the trunk of the family station wagon without a seatbelt, or playing dodgeball in school… and we turned out ok. Odds are those families will too.

Liberalism leads governments to do things like we see in New York. Where MSG and large sugary drinks are now verboten, but marijuana is completely okay. It doesn’t make sense, but liberalism isn’t about sense… it’s about collectivism. It’s about the community telling the minority what to do. And minority isn’t just skin color; it’s politics, religion, philosophies, and so much more.

Liberalism claims to be the defender of minority rights, when in reality it is constantly at war with the ultimate minority… the individual.

The reality of liberal politics is that it does just what it is doing in San Francisco and New York. Like some tiny European dictator – it destroys the individual, it mocks common sense, and it micromanages our lives.



Many commenters have pointed out that code specifically states “storage garages in apartment houses and hotels.” Leaving aside that San Francisco’s history means that the apartments there are not like apartment complexes you’d find in New York or Los Angeles. It is our belief that private property is one of those rights that the government is not to infringe upon. In recent years the government has carried “eminent domain” to a ridiculous level, and this is simply another example of that.

It seems that some of the commenters believe that these are parking spaces in garages (they could be) but private garages are also included – as well as private “storage” space where cars do not fit.

More background at the Institute for Justice.

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