Fascist Rioters Plan to Violently Crash Trump’s Inauguration

Let it be known, that 65 million Americans voted for Donald Trump. Not only did they elect Trump, they also elected a Republican majority in the House of Representatives and the United States Senate. There was no Russian interference in the election, there was no vast right-wing conspiracy and there was none of the nonsense which the radical leftists are spewing as their excuse for why Trump won the election and not them. The truth of this matter is that America was tired of the failed policies of a supposed “progressive” regime in the Obama administration, and they elected someone who genuinely seemed as though they would be representative of The People of The United States of America and provide the nation with a secure, prosperous and free future.

It is scary to know that the failed so-called “leaders” of this nation are willing to stoop to such a low-level as they have. They are repeatedly and ambiguously telling the American people lies regarding Russia’s influence on the election, which could potentially start a shooting-war between these two nations. The rhetoric coming from some officials is astounding, as they put the American people in direct danger. This, however, is clearly not the sentiment of the American people; rather it is the sentiment of dictator want-to-be and power-hungry fascists, whom currently hold positions of power in the United States of America. The dangerous part of the rhetoric is that some people in the population believe what these liars are saying.

They have kept supposed “secret dossiers” on Donald Trump showing him supposedly hiring prostitutes to urinate on a bed which had been slept in by the Obama family at some point in history.  Ironically, it was an establishment Republican, Senator John McCain, who played this close to his chest as if it were some sort of “Trump-Card.” Too bad for these treasonous actors like McCain, the report turned out to be entirely false and cooked-up by some private investigator turned political bag-man. This guy had originally been hired by Jeb Bush and later ended up working for Hillary Clinton in an effort to find “dirt” on Trump. The lengths that these lying crim…

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