Trump Meets with Possible Supreme Court Pick Who Called Roe v. Wade ‘Worst Abomination in the History of Constitutional Law’

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Yesterday, reported  that President-elect Donald Trump had just met with one of the 21 members of his well-publicized Supreme Court selection list.

The man Trump chose to meet with this past Saturday is Judge William Pryor of the 11th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals. The 11th Circuit services the States of Florida, Georgia and Alabama. Coincidently, Pryor served as deputy Attorney General of Alabama for two years under Jeff Sessions. After Sessions was elected to the Senate in 1997, Pryor was elevated to Alabama Attorney General. Small world isn’t it.

A few years later (2003) ‘W’ nominated him for the 11th Circuit, but the dems successfully stalled the pick. He was later recess-appointed by Bush and confirmed by a narrow margin.

We on the right – the Constitutionalists (Common or not) – were concerned that The Donald might ascend to the highest office and promptly “go off the rails” by selecting some whack-job liberal like his sister – and not stick with selections from “the list.”

But Pryor is indeed on the list and does appear conservative. Happily, and surely to the chagrin of the left, Pryor did not attend one of the requisite leftist schools one must attend – like Harvard, Yale or Columbia. Instead he attended Northeast Lou…

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