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Scientific Journal: Conservative Politicians are Better Looking Than Liberal Politicians

Written by eaglerising

On average, conservative politicians are more attractive than liberal politicians in the Unites states, Europe, and Australia. Agree? I know I do. That may be slightly biased coming from me, but there’s also scientific truth behind it.

According to a study published in Journal of Public Economics:

“The more attractive a politician is, the more likely voters across the political spectrum are to assume he or she is conservative, while the less attractive a politician is, the more likely voters are to assume he or she is liberal.”

Interesting huh?

Prior research indicates that good-looking political candidates win more votes, just one of the many ways attractive individuals seem to have it better in life. There is evidence to suggest that beautiful people are viewed by others as more likable, trustworthy and competent, and may be more likely to land job inte…

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