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Why the Problem with Corrupt Leaders is the Gullible Citizens who Elect Them

Written by iPatriot

We choose our leaders based on what they tell us on the Campaign trails and we diligently believe what they promise to do. But once they step in the corridors of power, the status quo changes. They turn into repressive governments, working for self-interests, while enacting laws that marginalize and keep the rest of us behind. They squander tax-payers money by investing in projects which don’t support society or simply donate the money to organizations that work against humanity. They allow the one percent to consolidate wealth and launch an all-out economic war and medical war against the vast majority.

The trend has been creeping upon us, threatening to destroy the political, economical and cultural social structures of democracy.

Obama promised change; to create jobs and close Guantanamo Bay detention camp. Instead he encouraged companies to leave the United States wiping out the middle-class. As he leaves office in January, Guantanamo Bay is still alive and running.

We perceived Obama’s words for change as positive reform, but the change he meant, was the genesis of wars and the destruction of foreign countries.

He jumped on the globalist bandwagon; Climate Change and the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership – or TTIP between US and Europe. These were issues he never campaigned for during the election but nonetheless relentlessly pursued with ado and confusing urg…

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