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Minimum Wage Truth Democrats Don’t Want Voters to Know

If you listen to Democrats, most Americans are working at jobs for minimum wage pay.

It’s not even close to the truth.

The Democrats are using the minimum wage debate as a way to garner sympathy for liberal causes and to paint Republicans as Scrooges.

Let’s get real. Many adult Americans who are working at minimum wage jobs probably can’t get better jobs for two reasons: First, the Democrats have so messed up the economy that upward economic mobility has been made more difficult. High taxes, the ObamaCare debacle, prohibitive and expensive government regulations, and fear of what might happen in the future if Bill de Blasio Democrats get in power have put a damper on business expansion.

Second, many adults who are working at minimum wage jobs aren’t able to work at a higher level, and employers who might like to take a risk on inexperienced workers feel that they can’t take the risk because of how costly it is to train a new employee. Employers would rather give a raise to an existing worker and pass the additional work on to him or her than hire a new inexperienced worker.

Here are some facts about the minimum wage that rarely come up in discussions and the media ignore:

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