3rd Party Candidates’ Actual Purpose for Running Has Never Been to Win, as Much as it is to do This


I finally got to hear from the Green Party candidate Jill Stein.  She was on one of those never ending Sunday TV interview shows. Within a few minutes, I fully understood why and was glad that she has received such minimal exposure. Without delving into her ISIS talking points, let’s just let her return to the medical field.

Although I failed to hear from the Libertarian, Gary Johnson, I have endured his chatter upon previous occasions. For some, the former Governorships of Johnson and Weld presents an attraction based upon their “executive experience.” However, their actual purpose for running has never been to win, as much as it is to detract and confuse.

Alternative candidates are usually quickly recruited out of need and given purpose. On the one hand, Jill Stein’s agenda dismisses her credibility while on the Libertarian side, Weld taints the ticket with his CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) establishment tie, of which our press still conveniently ignores. Also ignored, unlike Trump’s media treatment, is Weld’s avoidance of any military service during the Vietnam years.

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Given Weld’s establishment background (marrying into the Roosevelt family, his Harvard resume and his working association with Hillary during the Watergate inquiry), it appears that this ticket is expressly designed to increase the percentages in favor of the Democrat’s rather than to honestly challenge for the White House.

However, these sidelights are just that, secondary to the media’s latest gotcha attempt. Given that Hillary gained her party’s nomination, for better or worse, she now represents the Democrat’s last stand against the promised restructuring from a Trump Presidency.

Everything rides on a Democrat win so it’s reasonable that everything is in play, including a bit of psychological drudgery. It’s no secret that the Clinton grab bag of scandals has produced a suspicious and distrustful public. Although downplayed, the memory of Benghazi still remains vivid in the voter’s minds. In order to counter balance this, our journalistic elites have somehow deemed her unfavorable image to be comparable with Trump’s.

While this is a stretch, it also signals the desperation at which the ruling class views this contest. Any one of Hillary’s “take-down” questions presents her vulnerability to not only defeat but to a total disqualification. Imagine her predicament. Here is a candidate of a major American political party who, by her own actions, may well have incriminated herself and thus could ruin her own White House quest.

Not only is her campaign status unprecedented in political history, her stubborn supporters are never questioned while Trump‘s “right wing” and “racist” diehards are forever being chastised. This partiality encourages a further blurring of reality so when Hillary’s unfavorable image remains front and center, it becomes useful, even critical, to label Trump as “the other” distrusted/disliked candidate. This is now the lead-in to the much-heralded Presidential debates.

At some recent convergence, leading pundits from our media recognized that this unfavorable stigma had to include both candidates. So, now that both are despised by the electorate, or at least reported as such, isn’t it odd that Hillary’s calamitous record will not be standing alone for all to judge?

This take is a valid one when considering that these self praised blowhards, ala George Will and Brit Hume, fail to mention the most significant difference which individually identifies, rather than unites, the candidates. Namely, the actions of a private citizen conducting private business ventures verses the actions and lethal consequences from erred judgments, careless conduct and indifference to various regulations by a highly positioned government employee. This is an apples and oranges mismatch.

So while headlines continue to detract Trump’s message, the major player at work here is and always has been the establishment. Whether backing the Green or the Libertarian candidates, or charging with the media’s heavy handed prowess, all the chips are in the pot as never before.

And this is the exact point for all this. A Trump victory will crash all which has been, is and will ever be. If we remember our past grumblings about why “nothing ever changes,” or that “there’s not a dime’s worth of difference between the two parties,” remember that it was brought about without any options for change. It was a rigged game by both parties and the status quo was and continues to be protected. November represents its first serious challenge!

Since Trump is above being bought, controlled or intimidated, within our vision and grasp is finally a true alternative to this futility of “nothing ever changes.”

Our way home starts when we begin to realize and then rejoice over this freedom of choice.  Trump offers our new beginning, not from a dumbed down politically correct approach but from a robust and distinctly honest American quality. As our Constitution predicted, it’s always been about “we the people.” It’s now up to us in November.

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