Rand Paul Suing the Obama Administration

Stand with Rand Paul and pledge your support to join in his class action lawsuit against the NSA!

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) is once again proving that he (and a few of his compatriots) is the true “class” of the Republican Party. News has leaked that he will be headlining a class action lawsuit, along with hundreds of thousands of average American citizens, against the Obama Administration and the NSA for their overbearing domestic spying program.


The lawsuit will focus on the fact that the NSA has clearly broken the spirit of the fourth Amendment to the Constitution with its mass collection of our personal metadata.

Here is Senator Paul’s statement on the NSA spying.

Recent news reports revealed that Barack Obama’s NSA is looking through billions of our emails and phone records every day.

I’m OUTRAGED — and I’m going to do everything I can to END this madness.

That’s why I’ve asked Internet providers and phone companies to join me in a class-action lawsuit to STOP Barack Obama’s NSA from snooping on the American people.

So please sign below and join my class-action lawsuit and help stop the government’s outrageous spying program on the American people.

After you sign up, please make a generous donation to help rally up to ten million Americans to support my lawsuit to stop Big Brother from infringing on our Fourth Amendment freedoms.

Senator Paul has made a living of defending our Constitutional liberties over the last few years. Last month, when a court ruled that part of the NSA’s domestic spying program was unconstitutional, he applauded their decision.

Senator Rand Paul today issued the following statement applauding the U.S. District Court ruling that deemed the National Security Agency’s (NSA) phone surveillance program unconstitutional:

bobama“I commend U.S. District Court Judge Richard Leon for upholding and protecting our Fourth Amendment rights. This decision represents an important first step in having the constitutionality of government surveillance programs decided in the regular court system rather than a secret court where only one side is presented,” Sen. Paul said. “In June, I introduced the Fourth Amendment Restoration Act which, if enacted, would have restored our Constitutional rights and declared that the Fourth Amendment shall not be construed to allow any agency of the United States government to search the phone records of Americans without a warrant based on probable cause. The NSA phone surveillance program is a blatant abuse of power and an invasion of our privacy. This ruling reminds the Federal government that it is not above the law. I will continue to fight against the violations of American’s Constitutional rights through illegal phone surveillance until it is stopped once and for all.”

Also last month, Senator Paul appeared on Fox Business Channel’s show The Stossel Report with John Stossel to discuss the myriad of other ways he is fighting to defend and enforce the Constitution.

Join with Senator Paul as he takes on the corrupt Obama Administration and their police wing at the NSA. We cannot sit idly by while the government simply ignores our rights. If we don’t fight back when it comes to privacy, then at what point would we stand up for ourselves?

Join in with Eagle Rising and Pledge your support to stand with Rand Paul!

Join Rand Paul of Kentucky – join the class action lawsuit against the Obama Administration!

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Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their five wonderful children.

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