The Most Outrageous Liberal Student Interviews of 2016

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Throughout 2016, Campus Reform sent reporters to various college campuses to gauge millennial sentiment on Hillary Clinton’s scandals, banning Christmas decorations, and everything in between.

The results were hilarious, but also indicative of a number of campus trends, like hyper-PC culture and liberal indoctrination. For example, students interviewed at American University overwhelmingly said that they viewed Fidel Castro, a murderous dictator, more favorably than President-Elect Donald Trump.

To celebrate the end of 2016, Campus Reform compiled a list of the best interviews conducted on campus.

  1. Students shocked by Hillary’s scandals

One of the biggest problems facing Hillary Clinton during the election was her apparent inability to gain the trust of voters, an issue exploited by the Trump campaign.

Campus Reform hit the streets to see if young voters were aware of some of Clinton’s scandals and insensitive quotes, and if awareness of those issues made them less likely to vote for her.

Students overwhelmingly attributed the scandals and racist jokes to Donald Trump, and were shocked when they found out Clinton was actually the one responsible for those incidents, such as claiming a 12-year-old rape survivor “fantasized about older men.

2. AU students prefer Castro to Trump

After the death of Cuban communist revolutionary Fidel Castro, statements from political leaders varied in their assessment of his legacy. President-Elect Trump referred to Castro as a “brutal dictator,” while Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau painted a more positive image of the deceased leader, calling him a “friend.”

To gauge millennial sentiment on Castro, Campus Reform visited American University and asked whom students had a more favorable opinion of—Castro, who was responsible for close to 100,000 Cuban deaths, or President-Elect Trump.

Shockingly, nearly every student we talked to preferred the murderous Castro to the non-PC Trump.

3. Hillary supporters can’t name an accomplishment of hers

In light of a poll that found young people overwhelmingly viewed Hillary Clinton as a better role model than Donald Tr…

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