There is no ‘Moderate’ Solution to the Muslim Immigration Crisis

The events in Germany, this week, for the past month, and the past year are enough to fill any decent person with rage.

It is not easy to chronicle the rape and murder of a German girl in Freiburg, or the 12-year-old Iraqi boy who was caught planting two crude bombs in Ludwigshafen, and now the truck massacre in Berlin by a Tunisian man who had no business being anywhere near Europe.

He had already spent four years in an Italian jail, was known to be involved in criminal and radical activities by German police, and was on a US no-flight list. Yet, he was walking around free, was able to murder a Polish truck driver, and plow the truck through a crowded Christmas market before escaping.

Multiply this by what is going on in virtually every other Western European country, and we have a continent drifting into civil war.

Meanwhile, President Obama, his State Department, and Christian aid organizations are working overtime to bring in tens of thousands of people from Syria and other Muslim countries in spite of the fact there is no way to adequately vet them and in spite of the fact that ISIS has already told us they will infiltrate their killers among the refugees. This week Australia just thwarted a plot among a half a dozen Muslims to carry out a major terror attack.

There is no need to go on and on. We all know the facts. Those of us with an ounce of sense know the threat. What is the solution?

In my view, there is no moderate solution. I am hopeful that incoming President Trump is willing to carry out his campaign promises regarding Muslim immigration. Hopefully, he can lead the European leaders to their senses as well.

When I say radical solutions, I am not talking about burning mosques or carrying out acts of violence, or discrimination against those Muslims in our country. I have always stressed the need not to lash out at innocent Muslims.

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But I firmly believe the time has come to stop Islamic immigration into our country and all Western countries. We may not think we are in a cultural or religious war, but we are when Islamists feel that we are. Right now, the Muslim population in the US is about 1%. That percentage must not be allowed to grow.

The situation is much worse in Europe and must be reversed immediately before it is too late. This is not a question of hating Muslims because most Muslims are not deserving of hate. It is a question of saving the lives of our own people.

What European leaders like Angela Merkel have done is unconscionable. Their reckless actions in the name of political correctness and multi-culturalism has led to hundreds of deaths and rapes. It will happen here too. (It already has on a smaller scale not counting 9-11.)

This week in the wake of the Berlin attack, a group of people gathered at the site and sang peace songs, like, “We are the world; we are the children.” This is nuts. They should be demanding the resignation of Merkel and her government. They should be demanding that their borders be sealed. They should be demanding that these one million migrants/refugees/asylum-seekers be sent back.

This evening on Fox, I listened to some Muslim apologist drag up the memory of when the US refused admittance to European Jews fleeing the Nazis. Yes, that was outrageous and shameful, but the comparison is not valid. European Jews were not committing acts of terror or violence within the countries they lived in. They were assimilated (many had left the Jewish religion through conversion and inter-marriage). They were successful and contributed to their societies. They were not subverting anything.

I am sick and tired of seeing innocent people die. I am sick and tired of hearing supremacist imams calling for the death of non-Muslims. Anti-Semitism and anti-Christian feeling is deeply embedded within Islam. Anybody who says otherwise is either lying or ignorant. Why are we so eager to import millions of people who have bigoted feelings toward our religions and our traditions into our countries? It makes no sense.

I’m not talking about all Muslims, but the percentages are too high. It may only be a fraction of 1% who engage in violence against the infidels, but if 25% of the world’s Muslims believe violence is sometimes justified to defend Islam, and many polls suggest that is the number, then we are talking about a belief system that is not compatible with our laws, our ideals of equal rights or our freedoms. Sharia law is totally incompatible with our laws. That all makes the risks unacceptable.

The choice to the West is clear: Either we stop this flood of Muslims into the West or we make up our minds that the price of political correctness and multi-culturalism will be the deaths of hundreds if not thousands of innocent people (our people) and the eventual loss of our freedoms. Are we willing to surrender that?

In addition, the absurd accommodation of those who are here must stop. I am not  talking about taking away their right to practice their religion as long as it doesn’t break the law. Praying in public, however, is an affront, and while I don’t condone verbal abuse of Muslims, if they want to make a spectacle of themselves praying in large crowds in public spaces, there is nothing wrong with telling them to go find a mosque. That is hardly a hate crime.

If they have to pray five times a day, they need to plan their day accordingly so as not to intrude on the public. As far as I am concerned public praying outdoors is a message to the rest of us that they intend to take over.

And make no  mistake. As anti-Semitism returns to the world-wide stage, Christianity is under attack as well. This year’s Christmas season is under attack as ISIS is now targeting Christmas markets in Europe. Need I mention what is happening to Christians in the Middle East? Can you say, “genocide”?

I don’t know about you, but I am tired of “we are the world” and “co-exist.” It is time for our national leaders to perform their primary responsibility, and that is to protect their citizens. By all means, use diplomacy with our Arab/Muslim allies. They must understand that we must protect our citizens from jihadist attacks and mass murder. It is on them to take care of the problem in their own countries. As to how they do it, I don’t really much care at this point.

As we welcome a new president to the White House who promises to protect us, I can only pray that the Europeans use the coming elections to throw out feckless leaders like Angela Merkel and so many others who have opened the doors to this wave of barbarians.

And to all you decent Muslims who read this, I am sorry for you, but your feelings cannot be taken into consideration any longer. Public safety comes before sensitivity.

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About the author

Gary Fouse

Born 1945 in Los Angeles. Currently employed since 1998 as adjunct teacher at University of California at Irvine Ext. teaching English as a second language.
Education: BS in Police Science and Administration California State University at Los Angeles (1970)
Master of Education at University of Virginia (1993)
Served three years in US Army Military Police Corps at Erlangen, Germany 1966-68.
1970-1973- Criminal Investigator with US Customs
1973-1995 Criminal Investigator with Drug Enforcement Administration. Stationed in Los Angeles, Bangkok, Milan, Italy, Pittsburgh and Office of Training, FBI Academy, Quantico, Va until retirement.
Author of Erlangen-An American's History of a German Town-University Press of America 2005
The Story of Papiamentu-A Study in Slavery and Language, University Press of America, 2002
The Languages of the Former Soviet Republics-Their History and Development, University Press of America, 2000

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