Same Sex Marriage is Nonsense

You ask me why should I care about gay marriage?  I don’t know.  None of your business really.  It bugs me like mosquitoes in a marsh.  Have you ever been bugged?  Are you above the swamps? I’m not talking about the NSA.  I mean the disease of values morphing and colliding.

I tell you that civilization has been based on the future retrogression to its traditions.  I am part of what was and what will be. I am not a fad. I am not sad.  I am not a false attempt to be glad or an attempt to escape the me that is mine.

There will be a heterosexual alignment of future appraisals.  We cannot build cities on freakish irrelevancies like confused sex and irrelevant attractions.

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Gay marriage is wrong because it was not there when what was there was right, and its invention out of nothing is a creation ex nihilo that doesn’t exist.

Why must we inconvenience the ninety-nine per cent for the one percent that can’t find its identity in wandering bodies?  Gay marriage is incomplete—it is zombies dancing. The walking dead put their hands down their pants to find their own ridiculous satisfaction.

gayparadeSame sex love is a form of narcissism.  You can’t get away from yourself. You are afraid of what is other.  You hide in mutual isolation.

We come and go talking of surrender and how morals are outdated.  We think that yesterday is some corny stuff and tomorrow deserves trophies.

Our country is based on the majority not the many for the one. Gays have zombie organs and imaginary identities. They call discernment bigotry and make the mistake of defending perverted error in the name of political correctness.

The country has become the individual quirkiness of cowardice.  Americans hide on their knees and cover themselves with the feeling that it will all be alright if we just shield our eyes and look away from the responsibility of our bodies.

There is not a man alive that is not viscerally uncomfortable with homosexuals. Unless, of course, he is gay. What’s the big deal? Why do gays insist on being treated as heterosexuals when they are clearly and manifestly different?

In another world why do girls want to be on the boys Little League Team?  Rarely can they compete.  Why don’t they be what they be?  The essence of being is not trying to be other.

To rebel against our own biology is to start a war for all the wrong reasons. It can’t work.  It will always be an imposter.

Back in the eighties everyone was afraid of gays because of AIDS.  Now everyone is pro-gay in reaction to being anti-gay.  Whether people are homophobes or homophiles–they all bore me; they are dull extremists.

Come on kids, get out of the spotlight.  Disappear into real lives instead of being attention grabbers.  Climb onto a hanger in the closet and identify with your own garment. Don’t be seasonal.  Don’t be politically correct.


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David Lawrence

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