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Whoopi Goldberg Says Exercising ‘Right’ of Abortion is Like Celebrating Christmas

Written by eaglerising

As you’ll hear from the video, Whoopi is not a Christian. She is very loud in professing her lack of ties to the Christian community. How on earth can you compare the murder of innocent children, to the act of celebrating a holiday? The left is so screwed up. They will do anything they can to justify the genocide. They will even go as far as trying to flip it back onto us. What a sad attempt.

Breitbart reports:

In a truly bizarre leap of logic, film star Whoopi Goldberg has compared the right to observe the feast of Christmas with a woman’s purported right to have an abortion.

On Tuesday’s episode of The View on ABC, Goldberg argued with the other co-hosts regarding the separation of church and state, and people’s right to celebrate Christmas and publicly display Nativity scenes to mark the Christian holiday.

Out of nowhere, Goldberg brought up abortion, claiming that the celebration of Christmas is “the same conversation with a woman’s right to choose.”

“What I do with my body is my right. It is not your right to tell me,” she said. “The same thing is it’s – if you believe in Christmas, it’s not my right – you know, I grew up and – and, you know, kids who didn’t go to Catholic school had Christmas and they – we never knew what their religions were, but we hung ‘cau…

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