Trump Derangement Syndrome Brought to Us by Those Who Promised Hope and Change

Written by Nicholas Wishek

Trump Derangement Syndrome Brought to Us by Those Who Promised Hope and Change

I still believe the majority of Hillary voters were misguided because they are misinformed. Granted that in this day in age it is possible to circumvent the major media to become knowledgeable, but most of those Hillary voters don’t realize that they need to do any such thing. Like good little ‘useful idiots’ they swallowed the progressive narrative hook, line, and sinker.

This does not excuse those who fed them their information that should have known better. Anyone who puts their personal benefits or their party above the general welfare of the country is, to quote Secretary Clinton, ‘deplorable.’ It is impossible to imagine the real leaders of the progressive movement honestly believe that their failed ideology is actually better for America than the traditional values that made us the greatest country in the history of the world.

These Democrat leaders, the massive government bureaucracies that feed off of them as well as their allies in industry value their own power and well-being more than they do the good of the country as a whole. Thus they fear the possibility that Donald Trump will upset their comfortable status quo.

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Using their sycophants in the media and academia they are doing everything they can to fan public opinion against the President-elect. Take a look at the anti-Trump demonstrations. Does anyone believe they are all spontaneous? In Portland many of those arrested were from out of state.

And then there is the constant anti-Trump narrative on the major media channels. We hear constantly about Trump’s conflicts of interest even before he is inaugurated. We are told he is unqualified to serve as President. We are told he was directly helped by Russia.

The White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest has gone so far as to suggest Trump was aware of the Russian hacking and in fact asked them to do so. Unite for America has actors pleading with electors not to vote for Trump. Trump derangement syndrome, indeed.

Contemplate just a few of the areas where Trump challenges the establishment and the progressive ideology that is damaging our way of life. All of these examples can be explained by the Democrat Party’s desire to keep and maintain power by expanding their voting blocs and financial support.

1.      The Economy

The Democrats under the Obama Administration have overseen a stagnant economy. Their policies actually punish success and stifles growth. As a result, the labor participation rate is lower, more people are on food stamps, and we haven’t had a single quarter where the GNP grew at 3% in the last eight years. Trump is for getting government out of the way of business. He has already promised to reduce the corporation tax rate and slash regulations. Bringing jobs back to America and creating new ones here has to be a good thing.

2.      Government Spending and the Debt

Leaders of both parties share responsibility for out-of-control government spending, but the Democrats set the gold standard for it. They have doubled the debt in just the last eight years. Trump is already rich and owes favors to no one. He has insisted on tough new rules on lobbyists to help drain the Washington swamp. Further, he’s already indicated that government spending is going to be more responsible under his administration as indicated by what he said about the Air Force One deal with Boeing.

3.      Foreign Policy

The Democrats favor a reduced military presence around the world, leading from behind. The Republican establishment still dreams of nation-building. Trump favors neither. His idea of peace through strength wants to build up our military to the point that we won’t have to use it. Nation-building is not our job, but letting threats like ISIS alone just encourages terror attacks on the homeland, so using our military to eliminate the danger makes sense. Trump also realizes that our allies have to pony up their fair share of the costs we incur. Taking the oil to pay our costs and take care of our vets is a pragmatic approach, something neither the Democrats nor establishment Republicans thought we needed to do.

4.      Border Security and the Rule of Law

You can’t have a country without a boarder. Trump has made boarder security a central issue for his upcoming administration. We have laws that are not being enforced. People cannot pick and choose the laws they will obey, otherwise the rule of law is meaningless. Americans are put at risk if we don’t know who is entering our country. Democracy is put at risk if the law of the land does not apply to everyone. Trump will stop this.

These are only a few ways Trump will challenge the progressive policies that are ruining our country. It’s no wonder that those who benefit from those policies are doing everything they can to undermine the Trump Administration even before it begins. Point this out to those low information voters who are being bombarded with anti-Trump rhetoric.

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Nicholas Wishek. Retired teacher. 40 years classroom experience. Served in California National Guard 6 years. BA in history, MA in education. Married 35 years. Two sons. Many columns published in OC Register 2009-2014.

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