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Tucker Carlson Vs. Newsweek Senior Writer Who Claimed Trump was Institutionalized in a Mental Hospital in 1990 [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Talk about unsubstantiated claims.

Tucker Carlson on Fox News had a simple question for this Newsweek senior writer: “Do you have evidence that [Trump] was institutionalized in a mental hospital in 1990?”

It was a simple yes or no question. And I do understand how annoying those questions can be in a media interview, considering that oftentimes they’re based off false premises. Sometimes, the answer requires more than just a yes or a no.

But I don’t think this was the case here with Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald. If Carlson’s question was based on false premises – that is, if the writer never made such a claim – all Eichenwald had to do was point that out.

He proceeded to answer the question as if the premises were correct. But instead of saying yes or no, he went on a rambling tirade. Obviously, Tucker Carlson didn’t have time to listen to the guy ramble on about Trump’s life story, and what the CIA supposedly told him in secret.

When Carlson would interrupt to bring him back to the original question – whether he had evidence that Trump was admitted to a mental institution in 1990 – he’d get frustrated and complain that the host wasn’t letting him answer the question.

A few times during the interview, Eichenwald held up a binder labeled “Tucker Carlson Falsehoods,” threatening to use them against him if he didn’t let him finish his never-ending answer.

Speaking of a mental hospital, this guy might belong in one. Take a look:


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