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University to Require Incorporating ‘Black Studies’ into Every Major

Campus Reform
Written by Campus Reform

Eastern Michigan University is in the process of implementing a “Black Student 10-Point Plan” that would require faculty to build “a course on Black studies” into “the curriculum of every major.”

Saturday press release on the matter notes that “black student leaders are working closely with faculty administrators to explore curricular options to further this goal,” acknowledging that “there are well-understood challenges in attempting to incorporate black studies into every major.”

The release, though, confirms that while “it may be difficult to incorporate black studies into certain natural science majors,” for example, the university will be prepared to tackle the challenge, noting that “doing so across all majors will require revisions to many courses.”

Additionally, the “10-point plan” would require all students to complete a “general course on race, ethnicity, and racism” in addition to the black studies course already built into their majors, which, according to the release, would expose students to “issues related to bias and privi…

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