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Big Brother

What’s Trump Going to do With the Big Brother Surveillance State?

Written by iPatriot


For those of us who easily believe in the existence of Lucifer, of Satan, Scripture tells us he always wanted to be like God. Truly, it is impossible for him and his best efforts to be God. Old Slewfoot cannot be truly omniscient, omnipresent, etc.

But he can give it his best effort at surrogate omniscience, surrogate, omnipresence, etc. Lucifer can do his best, through demonic and human minions, to be like God through all artificial avenues and means possible.

Our grand President-elect Trump will have his work cut out for him in the area of restoring full privacy to all true Americans. Talk about flying in the face of the surveillance state and the spirit of the age!  Needless to say, healthy restraints are long overdue.

When considering the fallen nature of man – hence, the Bill of Rights where the first ten untiringly ask government, “What part of NO don’t you understand?” – President Trump must start from the premise that anything originally patented for “altruistic benefits to mankind,” so often goes haywire and runs amok for the profiteers.

This is especially true of the globalist-imposed surveillance state! Already here is a deeply-entrenched tyra…

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