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2016 Election Crime Race

The Wave of Trump-Inspired Fake Violence

Written by iPatriot

Hate Report

Since Mr. Trump won the election, liberals have been distraught about the wave of Trump-inspired violence that has swept the country. The Southern Poverty Law Center even published a report, Ten Days After: Harassment and Intimidation in the Aftermath of the Election, cataloging hundreds of such incidents. This report has been covered extensively by the media.

So I read the report. They say that in the ten days following the election there were 867 “hate incidents”. Some observations:


They say their information comes from media reports and submissions on their “#reporthate” web page. They admit “it was not possible to confirm the veracity of all reports”. They don’t say what efforts they made, if any, to confirm any of them. So there’s no way of knowing how many of these reports are accurate, how many are hoaxes, and how many are exagerrated. They admit that “many” of the incidents were not reported by the victim or a witness but by “friends”, i.e. many of the reports are pure hearsay. Given human nature, I suspect some of the reports are one-sided, and we would get a very different impression if we heard the other person’s story. (Like, “He called me by an insulting racial slur … Well yeah, after my buddies and I jumped him because he don’t want no white boys in our neighborhood. What of it?”)

In several cases they mention that the rac…

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