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White House on Trump’s Saving 1,000 Carrier Jobs: Yeah, Well Obama’s Actually CREATED 805,000 Jobs [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

At a White House press conference, spokesman Josh Earnest was asked about his and the President’s thoughts on Trump’s and Pence’s deal with Carrier that convinced the company to stay in the U.S., saving 1,000 jobs.

Josh Earnest acknowledged that the announcement was good news, but that it really wasn’t that impressive, considering that the current President has actually created jobs. According to Earnest, Obama has created 805,000 manufacturing jobs during his tenure. He contrasted the President’s record of job creation with the President-elect’s job protection. 

“I know that the president-elect has indicated that he deserves credit for — for that announcement, and I guess what I would observe is that if he is successful in doing that 804 more times,” Earnest explained, “Then he will meet the record of manufacturing jobs that were created in the United States while President Obama was in office. There were 805,000 manufacturing jobs that weren’t just protected or saved, but actually created while President Obama was in office.” He continued:

“If we go to protecting jobs, there are more than a million jobs in the industrial Midwest that were saved when President Obama made the decision to rescue the American auto industry, and the long-term benefits of that fateful decision that was not initially popular has yielded a substantial benefit for the entire country, but certainly for the industrial Midwest.”

This “contest” is a little silly, considering that Trump isn’t even in office yet. Obama’s been in office since 2009. So, Josh Earnest’s insistence that Trump’s pre-inaugural negotiations – that ended up preserving 1,000 jobs – are nothing compared to what Obama’s actually done is rather childish. It would be like parents congratulating their 9-month-old son for taking steps on his own for the first time, and the toddler’s 7-year-old brother downplaying it and laughing it off: “Yeah, so what. I’ve been walking since I was like 15 months old.”

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