How Obama and Castro Used ‘Fake News’ to Manipulate People

Written by iPatriot

Few national leaders have been as divisive, damaging to their countries, and proud supporters of the Socialist ideal as Barack Obama and Fidel Castro. With news of Fidel Castro’s death escaping the island of Cuba last night, it is worth remembering the similarities between both leaders, how they both rose to power as young, charismatic men who absolutely, entirely, hated American freedom.

Obama and Castro hold unique places in political history. They both had dynamic personalities, led to irreparable damage to their respective countries, and changed the course of their countries dynasty’s for generations to come. In both cases, Obama and Castro used, manipulated, and lied through the mainstream media to gain power and to keep power.

The examples of Obama using the American mainstream media to manipulate the American public are the stuff of daily life for most reading this story. The dastardly, devious, dishonest, and thoroughly corrupt would-be dictator has been using the media as the fourth branch of government for his entire presidency. As detailed in just this one example in the left-leaning Politico, Obama’s “cold and casual control of the media” is legen…

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