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University Students Block Traffic in Protest of Trump ‘Hate Crimes’

Campus Reform
Written by Campus Reform

Protesters angry over Donald Trump’s election blocked traffic on the streets of Chapel Hill Friday, chanting slogans blaming Trump supporters for a spike in hate crimes.

“Pussy grabs back” was among the more colorful slogans employed during the demonstration, which also featured more-pedestrian chants such as “blacks lives matter” and “love trumps hate.”

According to The Daily Tar Heel, the protest was organized by three local high school students via Facebook, but attracted a crowd of University of North Carolina students and other members of the community, as well.

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Protesters met at Peace and Justice Plaza, across the street from the northern edge of campus, before marching toward the busy intersection of Franklin and North Columbia streets in downtown Chapel Hill, though members of the crowd appeared to disagree on the best location for the protest.

After standing near the intersection for several minutes, protesters moved toward the iconic Old Well on campus, chanting “Donald Trump can go to Hell, but we are going to the Well.”

There, participants spoke of the strug…

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