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If We Don’t Speak Up They’ll Shut Us Down

A Christian professor of philosophy posted the following: “Phil is back on a meaningless show. The Republic is saved.” It’s been said that “culture is upstream from politics.” Duck Dynasty is not high culture, but it’s become the flashpoint of what’s been lacking among conservatives. Not only are the schools, media, and government controlled by leftists, but the entertainment industry is equally dominated by the same types of people.

Who do you think is having the greater influence? The culturists in everything from TV shows and films to the magazine culture of People and Entertainment Weekly and everything in between bombard us 24-7 with their view of the world. There’s almost no way to escape it.

Then there’s the bullying. Say something contrary to the dominate culture worldview, and you will be shut out and shut down.

Unfortunately, too many Christians have insulated themselves from the culture fight. So when someone like Phil Robertson speaks up and the culture elites take offense and there is no backing down by the truth-teller, that’s progress. The door has been cracked open.

Keeping Christians from being involved beyond the church building and Sunday worship hour has been the modus operandi of the Left for nearly a century. Christians can “rant and rave against humanism and feminism and any other ‘ism’ on Sunday, but come Monday the children belong in school.”

For too long Christians have been satisfied for their safe place. But even the sanctuary is no longer a protection.

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