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What Trump is ACTUALLY Doing With his Decision Not to Pursue Charges Against Hillary

Written by iPatriot

This morning on MSNBC, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway told Morning Joe that the President-elect doesn’t plan on pursuing investigations into Hillary Clinton once he assumes office in January. As you can imagine, the faux-media have been celebrating the news since with the Washington Post calling Trump’s campaign promises “hollow” while Politico (one of the worst liberal mouthpieces for the Democratic Party) celebrated Hillary’s pending “liberty”. I would hold on before ordering the ticker-tape parade for the would-be Criminal-in-Chief – Donald Trump is playing poker with Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, and the press and frankly, is beating them senseless.

By making a public statement stating his lack of interest in Hillary’s many crimes, President Trump demonstrates, as he has time and time again throughout the campaign, the ability to play chess while his opponents are playing checkers. Let’s walk through the opening “moves” from the Trump playbook.

First and foremost, Trump’s declaration that “I have no interest in pursuing an investigation into Hillary’s crimes” establishes a clear and distinct change from the 8 years of Obama’s politicizing the Department of Justice. 

Second, when the FBI and Trump-appointed Attorney General pursue an investigation into Hillary Clinton, it will be an entirely independent, just investigation – not a political hit as it would be perceived by our leftist media. As the President says “we won’t pursue Hillary”, the now independent…

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