Seven Articles Liberals Use to Smear Steve Bannon

Written by iPatriot

Offensive Articles

When President-elect Trump declared Steve Bannon his choice for “chief White House strategist”, liberals promptly attacked him as racist, sexist, homophobic, etc. One of their key arguments has been to point to a series of offensive article published by Breitbart News while Bannon was CEO of that organization. In the usual style of the liberal echo chamber, they always seem to list the same articles in the same order. I don’t know who first came up with this list, and maybe you’ll find some variations, so for this article I’m taking it as given in the New York Times.

These articles are all readily available on the Internet, so I decided to take the simple step of reading them. Crazy, I know — actually checking the facts. And I discovered … there’s nothing particularly shocking or offensive about any of them. Yes, some of the headlines are exaggerated or simplistic. But that’s the nature of headlines, isn’t it?, to try to grab your attention. Let’s briefly look at each of these offensive articles. I’m including links to each, so you can easily check what I say here.

None of the articles listed were written by Mr Bannon. Yes, he was head of the organization, but it doesn’t follow that he personally reviewed and agrees with everything published by the organization. Many news organizations quite deliberately try to publish articles with a range of viewpoints, rather than insisting that all their writers are in strict ideological lock-step. But okay, let’s accept the idea, for the sake of argument, that Mr. Bannon at least generally agrees with the world view behind all these articles…

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