Workers Strike, Get Mad When They’re Fired

Remember that whole fast food workers strike that recently took place across the country? Fast food employees feel as though they should be making a higher wage and so they forced their employers to shut down. One employer is getting back at them for the days of lost revenue.

The 20 employees of Snarf’s Sub Shop at 600 W. Chicago Ave. received the email last night around 5 p.m. Grid obtained it this morning. It reads as follows.

1. Due to increased competition and losses, ownership has decided to consider remodeling and reconcepting the store at 600 West Chicago Ave.

2. The store is closing, effective tomorrow, December 23, 2013 for an unknown period of time for this remodeling and reconcepting.

3. All staff is terminated, effective Monday, December 23, 2013.

4. All staff may apply for unemployment, if eligible.

5. Return any keys and Company property to Will Ravert at 600 West Chicago Avenue on Monday, December 23, 2014 during normal business hours.

6. Payroll will be processed as usual this week and paid on Friday, December 27, 2013.

7. Keep an eye out for the grand opening of the new store.

8. Ownership appreciates your service and wish you well in your new endeavors.

Doug Besant
Director of Operations

The corporate staff of Snarf’s says that the strike had nothing to do with the closing, remodeling and firing of the restaurant staff – but one has to wonder at the timing. This particular Snarf’s location was closed down for four long days. If the owners of the business can’t trust their staff to work, why would they continue to employ them? Business owners are already taking big enough risks in attempting to start a business, there is no way to run a profitable enterprise if you cannot trust your workers to support your cause.

The local worker’s union got so mad at Snarf’s for the firing that they organized a street protest.

Members of the Worker’s Organizing Committee of Chicago gathered at 600 W. Chicago Ave. this morning to call for severance pay and re-employment for the fired Snarf’s employees, says Deivid Rojas, communications director for the organization.

For those of you liberals who might think that the restaurant is being “unfair” to their staff, listen to what President Obama has to tell you about the use of strikes.

See liberals… strikes are bad. Oh, how confused the mind of a liberal must be – when there are no absolutes or fixed philosophical underpinnings to keep your beliefs and ideas anchored to reality.


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