The World Will End Because of Trump-Induced Global Warming

Written by iPatriot

Liberalism – the contradiction between knowledge and intelligence.

Liberals are suffering from psychotic breaks over the election of Donald Trump.  They believe life on Earth will end from man-made global warming and that it is guaranteed because Trump is president.  They know Republicans won’t stop mankind’s CO2 pollution that they believe will destroy all life.  Stephen Hawking is supposed to be the smartest man on Earth – after Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.  If Hillary is so smart then why was she not elected president instead of being beaten by a rich white man and a lying black man?  If Hawking is so smart then why is he saying global warming will destroy all life on the planet in a thousand years?  Didn’t he see Al Gore’s movie and understand the Earth will by lifeless in twenty years?  So what is his solution?  Find another planet ala “Interstellar?”  Or is it to elect Democrats and give them our money?

CO2 the global warming lies

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[Author’s note: “Interstellar,” btw, is a fun movie, though slow moving.  As a nerd it was fun to explore the screenwriter’s vision of wormholes, other planets, and the alien tesseract structure that allowed Cooper to communicate with his daughter through time and space.  (Recognizing that structure due to being a nerd and knowing a little more math and geometric structures than the common person was a fun moment.  Kind of like being a student of war, combat, and film enabled me to see in “The Last Samurai” Tom Cruise’s fight with four men that, as he ‘relived’ what he had just done, he would realize that one of the men was still alive.  The execution of killing blows in the choreography was superb!)

But the fact is that many of these “end of the world” movies are based on science fantasy more than science fiction.  While movies like “Deep Impact” are real enough, its sister cowboy version “Armageddon” was much more entertaining.  But movies like “The Day After Tomorrow” and “2012” were such pure fantasy drivel with no basis in reality or realism still left some people believing those things could actually happen.  This is the pinnacle of dysfunctional liberal thinking.  It’s time to grow up and realize that campfire ghost stories are just stories and you won’t drive off with a hook stuck on your car door handle…

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