Crime Boss Hillary Clinton Politically WASHED UP After Huge Loss

If this election taught us anything, it should be the satisfaction in knowing that the vast majority of American people spoke their dissatisfaction of living under what amounts to nothing more than a modern day Nazi Dictatorship. This presidential election was truly the last chance to take America back, peacefully. If the Dictatorship’s chosen successor Hillary Clinton would have won, the only way to return the United States to a free constitutional nation would have been by full blown Civil War.

To show just how corrupt the current government really is, their chosen successor Hillary Clinton along with the rest of the Regime were totally surprised at her losing. The corrupt media who became propaganda outlets rather than news reporting agencies put false information out from the beginning showing Hillary to be far ahead of Trump in all polls, as well as making predictions of a Hillary landslide.

When it became apparent Trump won the election, the surprise and disbelief was overwhelming to the media, her supporters, and above all Hillary herself. This disbelief at her losing the election was due to many factors. For one, both the so called media and Hillary Clinton were blown away in disbelief because they had been listening to their own propaganda rather than examining the real numbers. Thus, everyone was surprised due to believing in their own deceptive lying machine.

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The big surprising loss was also very unexpected to Hillary because she thought she had it wrapped up, via voter fraud and manipulation and would glide to a comfortable win. Her cheating was very evident in California and New York where she won so big, they called it for her even before 1% of the votes were counted. Both of these states also had large numbers of illegal aliens casting votes, which assured her of a win.

The fix was supposedly set up in Florida where she won handily in every major urban area of the state. What she did not see coming there, was the vast amount of people who lived outside the major population centers that actually made up more votes for Trump than the big cities could provide for her.

Ultimately, the same thing happened nationwide where the number of voters for Trump overwhelmed the votes for Hillary Clinton. Except in red states where heavy Republican voting was expected, she lost in almost every area of the country that was not part of a large urban area.

This happened because her sphere of influence in making sure of a win was only concentrated in major population centers and ignored all other areas. Like everything else associated with the current Dictatorship, nothing is as it seems and the same thing was the case in Hillary’s popularity, which was vastly lower than everyone expected, including herself.

Hillary showed us she doesn’t give a damn about her supporters when after it appeared Donald Trump won the election, she did not have the common decency to come out and talk to all of her supporters who had been waiting for hours. She should have at least gave them a few words of encouragement and hope, if nothing else, but as usual, she abandoned them all and refused to speak. Even the worst lowlife running for President would have cared enough to speak to his or her supporters after the election was called, but not Hillary Clinton. This type of narcissism has been displayed many times before by Hillary. On the night she abandoned 4 Americans and left them to die in Benghazi, her “What difference does it make” comment when questioned about the event, and her more recent blatant lying about using a private e mail to transfer classified information when both FBI Director Comey and Hillary herself both admitted to her doing so.

The same deception is the case with the current civil unrest and riots experienced in major cities in various areas of the US today. On the surface, it appears a vast majority of people want Hillary Clinton as President. What we aren’t supposed to see is the fact that all of these incidents are orchestrated by the same people who committed acts of violence at Donald Trump’s rallies, during his whole campaign. Individuals such as George Soros who also heavily funds groups like, Black Lives Matter, and its splinter groups like Take Em Down NOLA, and a host of others are behind all of the violent activism occurring in the country today. Their goal is to make it appear that millions of people reject Donald Trump as President, but as usual nothing could be further from the truth. The most important thing to remember is the individuals behind the protests and the protesters themselves are not Anti-Trump, but Anti-American.

Just like the celebrities who promised they would leave the country if Trump were elected, now have egg on their faces because none but perhaps a couple will actually move out, and even those who do, will be coming back to the US on a constant basis to work.

What we see today from some states wanting to secede, to rioting is the last grasp of life from a corrupt Dictatorship and their modern day Nazi Brown Shirts who are organizing chaos because they are angry at getting booted out of power.

Both Hillary Clinton and the Dictatorship in Washington have no one to blame but themselves for their stunning loss. The majority of the American people were fed up with all the lies and deception from a government that is the most corrupt in US history, and made their feelings reflect it at the ballot box.

The great thing from the outcome of this election is the fact that Hillary Clinton’s political career is over, she is washed up as being electable for even the minutest public office and rightly so, since she has proven herself to be nothing more than a modern day crime boss over her own criminal syndicate.

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Tony Elliott

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