How Trump Will Earn a REAL Mandate

Written by Nicholas Wishek

Attention Trump Supporters. He Has No Mandate, Yet. How Will He Earn One?

As giddy as many Trump supporters are over what was, let’s be honest, an unexpected victory, they must realize that Donald Trump does not have a mandate. At least not yet. He can definitely earn one, but it won’t be easy.

For starters, Trump backers must recognize that Secretary Clinton won hundreds of thousands more popular votes than he did. Remember that Trump’s popular vote total was roughly the same as both Romney’s and McCain’s and less than that of George W. Bush in 2004. Progressives will remember all this and anticipate the 2020 election with a more popular candidate.

Another consideration that Trump supporters should be very aware of is that the millennials don’t like Trump much at all, and there will be even more of them able to vote in four years. Luckily, for the Trump campaign they didn’t care all that much for Hillary Clinton either, so many stayed home. That also could change in 2020. Trump is also not very popular with minorities and women. Secretary Clinton won the majority of the woman’s vote, about two-thirds of the Hispanic vote, and the vast majority of African-American vote. To earn his mandate Trump must improve his standing with all these groups.

If all this wasn’t bad enough the major media, both the news and entertainment, are going to be trying to mold public opinion against support for Donald Trump. If anyone seriously believes the words of Hillary Clinton and President Obama about a desire to come together, I have a bridge to sell them. Or maybe beach front property with a view of the ocean straight up. 

So how can Donald Trump earn a real mandate? In 1854 French author, Alexandre Dumas, wrote, “Rien ne réussit comme le succès.” (Nothing succeeds like success.) This will be Donald Trump’s ticket to successfully establishing that mandate. With one he can win a landslide victory in 2020 and continue making our country great again. 

He must start by keeping his promises to those who did vote for him. The United States has suffered from eight years of progressive policies. (Ten years if you count the last two years of the Bush Administration when the Democrats had control of Congress.) Luckily for president-elect Trump much of the economic damage our country suffered during the Obama years was done with Obama’s pen and phone. Trump can undo them just as easily.

With the elimination of executive orders and regulations that stifle the economy, the United States will see an almost immediate optimism in the business world. The energy industry will expand, the XL Pipeline will be built, the flow of illegal immigrants will slow as the wall begins to be built and we enforce existing immigration laws. Repealing and replacing ObamaCare and passing some major legislation through Congress will be more difficult. The infrastructure spending should have enough Democratic support to pass. That will also increase economic activity. Replacing ObamaCare should also be doable. The Affordable Care Act was never popular and was likely one of the reasons Trump was able to win the election. It is also a major drag on the economy. 

The tax cuts and legislation to bring back offshore corporate profits will be a bigger challenge. If the Trump policies start invigorating the economy, as they should, there will hopefully be enough popular support to convince those in Congress that they risk their jobs by opposing that part of the Trump agenda. All these objectives are attainable. A Trump inspired economic Renaissance should be in full bloom by the time the 2020 elections come up. 

Trump should by then have the support of an even larger percentage of white blue collar workers. If things are going really well he should make serious inroads in the corresponding Hispanic and African-American blue collar workers. This is especially true if President Trump can craft an immigration reform policy that allows those who want to work and adopt American values into the country. What won’t happen is any mass conversion by the entitlement-oriented elements of society. At least not quickly. However, with education reform, public schools will not have a near monopoly on what is essentially a progressive indoctrination. Likewise, in time those elements of society who embrace entitlements will see others in their families or circle of friends who adopted the idea of advancement through hard work improving their lives as more higher paying jobs become available 

Foreign policy will be an even tougher challenge for the Trump Administration. If his polices result in a protracted foreign war there will be no mandate. However rebuilding our military and taking a more proactive approach in our war against terrorism should also be popular as people feel safer here in America. Those in the military and their friends and family will enjoy more realistic Rules of Engagement to combat our enemies. A stronger United States will discourage bad behavior from those who oppose us. 

If Trump can achieve his domestic goals and walk the tightrope of foreign policy he will have a mandate by 2020. It won’t be easy, but it is possible. As good Americans we should all hope he succeeds for the good of our country.

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About the author

Nicholas Wishek

Nicholas Wishek. Retired teacher. 40 years classroom experience. Served in California National Guard 6 years. BA in history, MA in education. Married 35 years. Two sons. Many columns published in OC Register 2009-2014.

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