That One Time We Agreed With Alec Baldwin

This won’t happen often at Eagle Rising, I can guarantee you that. We won’t become the place on the interwebz for great Alec Baldwin content. We won’t ever be the place that says “we agree with Alec Baldwin.” Well, we won’t be that place after today, probably.

But today, we agree with Alec Baldwin.

“…But you’ve got the fundamentalist wing of gay advocacy—Rich Ferraro and Andrew Sullivan—they’re out there, they’ve got you. Rich Ferraro (GLAAD vice president of communications), this is probably one of his greatest triumphs. They killed my show.” 

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GLAAD is no normal “advocacy” group seeking the betterment of their constituency. No, GLAAD seeks the dominancy of their constituency at the cost of the rights of others. GLAAD would see huge swaths of our society lose their guaranteed rights and freedoms, all for the sake of perceived normalcy for their miniscule portion of the population.

GLAAD doesn’t care about the rights of any one group or other – they care about making homosexuality an accepted norm in culture. They’ll do this any way they can. Want proof? Here it is.

“Why do we still need GLAAD? We haven’t won yet. We have a long way to go before hate mongers like the National Organization for Marriage are no longer given platforms to spread anti-gay hate. That’s why GLAAD is on the ground fighting for our future.”

GLAAD wants to make sure that you aren’t allowed to speak the things you believe ever again. In their view, groups like the Family Research Council (FRC), who simply espouse a Biblical view of marriage and family, are actually hate groups. If you follow the logic, that means the MILLIONS of Americans who agree with the FRC – or anyone who believes what the Bible teaches about sexuality and marriage — are hate mongers who should not be allowed to voice their opinions.

This is a terrifying world that GLAAD wants to usher in. They want a world where the only speech that is allowed is speech that they agree with.

GLAAD is proud of their efforts. Here is their VP of communications, Rich Ferraro, trumpeting their “victories”.

Sadly, GLAAD’s victories are simply the destruction of free speech.

The last bastion for freedom of speech and the right to live as you want is American Christianity. Liberals will scoff at that, but look at the national landscape. Conservative Christians are the group arguing for more liberty; “progressives” are arguing for less. Progressives are calling for people to be silenced, for religious freedoms to be curbed for the “greater good,” and for certain segments of society to be made outcasts, pariahs, because of their cultural beliefs!

Conservatives are trying to protect free speech. Conservatives are trying to protect freedom of the press. Conservatives are fighting for our religious freedom.

At every turn, conservatives are met in this battle for liberty by groups who pretend to be for freedom, but are actually fighting for fascism.

atweetThe liberal activist groups like GLAAD and the ACLU may talk a good game when it comes to protecting individual liberties, but a simple glance at their recent history tells you everything you need to know about their “true” beliefs. Can you be for individual liberty while using the government to force someone to act against their religious beliefs? Can you be for individual liberties when you want to make people’s opinions illegal to even be spoken?

Face it, card carrying liberals. You’re side isn’t so “progressive” when it comes to liberty any more. Your side would rather win than secure liberty for everyone. Liberals are embracing fascism as their means to victory, and the rest of us better wake up to that fact before it’s too late.

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