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2016 Election Media

FAIL Compilation of Media Pundits and Politicians Saying Trump Won’t Win [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

This is by no means an exhaustive compilation. If it mentioned every time some pundit or politician mocking the idea of a Trump win, the video would be hours long.

The footage goes all the way back to the primary, where other candidates and pundits are telling Trump that he won’t even be the nominee.

In one clip, Ann Coulter is on the Bill Maher show, and the host asks her which of the GOP candidates has the best chance to be get the nomination. Coulter responds that Trump has the best chance, and the audience laughs as if she told a hilarious joke.

In other clips, the President is seen saying that Trump will not be president, and that the only scenario where he can imagine a “President Trump” giving a State of the Union address is perhaps in a Saturday Night Live skit.


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