America, 2016: A House Divided Between the Freeloaders and Workers

Written by iPatriot

Remember the Republican riots of 2008 when Obama was elected president?  Patriots realized that Americans had just overwhelmingly elected an anti-American, anti-Christian Moslem socialist to be leader of the free world at a time that the world was engaged in war with Islam.

America has not been so divided since 1860.  Only now it isn’t about ending slavery.  It’s about freeloaders who would make taxpayers their slaves by demanding entitlements they have not earned.  America has had a lawless president who undermined everything for which America stands over the last eight years.  Democrats have been in control of the economy for the last ten and what they have wrought they have blamed on Republicans, capitalism, and Christians.  Now, with the election of Donald Trump, there is hope that the eyes of the ignorant will be opened to their folly.  The difference between a conservative and liberal is that conservatives knew when Obama was elected that America would suffer.  Those pitching a tantrum and crying in the fetal position over Hillary’s loss need a lesson in growing up.  That’s not what we did when you gave this country over to the hands of Obama and the Democrats eight, ten years ago and we had to watch them wreck it.  No it’s time for the adults to take charge and put this country back together that you liberals in your foolishness have…

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