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2016 Election Crime

‘Love Trumps Hate’: Look at All These Assassination Threats From Hillary Supporters

Written by Philip Hodges

Liberals in the media were predicting massive amounts of war and bloodshed if Hillary won. But they never addressed a Trump win scenario. I think they actually believed Hillary would win in a landslide. (I kind of thought the same thing.)

Now that Trump has won fair and square, all the things liberals predicted that would happen [when] Hillary won is actually happening now. People are taking to social media to vent their outrage that their candidate did not win. People are wanting to know when Trump is going to be assassinated. Here’s a list compiled by Daily Caller:

So far, the U.S. Secret Service hasn’t weighed in on the matter. Maybe there are far too many assassination threats to sift through and investigate.

You can also expect that no one in the media will take the threats seriously. If they bring them up, they’ll likely either claim that it’s just people joking around, or they’ll justify them, claiming that Trump brought it on himself by not letting his opponent win.

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