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2016 Election

Hillary’s Last-Minute Pitch: The ‘Most Horrifying’ Thing Trump Said [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

Hillary may have insulted half of Trump’s supporters, calling them a basket of deplorables, but that wasn’t a big deal, mainly because the media agreed with her.

And WikiLeaks had revealed that in an email chain, blacks were referred to as “professional never-do-wells.” The Clinton campaign also mocked Catholics, Southerners, and “needy Latinos.” While those sentiments were not held in public, they certainly were in private. 

But that wasn’t a big deal either from the media’s perspective, because it was all Russia’s fault.

So, what was worse than what the Clinton campaign believed in their hearts about minorities and religious people? Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants, black, Latinos, POWs, Muslims, and women, according to Hillary. But she said that there was something even more “horrifying” than that. Want to guess what it is?

The fact that Trump “refus[es] to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election.” Here’s what she said at her very last presidential rally, held in Philadelphia:

I have to say that there were so many really troubling things that my opponent has said, but probably the most horrifying was at the end of the last debate, after he has insulted everyone — more than half the population, by the way, immigrants, African-Americans, Latinos, POWs, Muslims, women — he then launches an attack on our democracy, refusing to say whether or not he would accept the outcome of the election.

Well, let’s show tomorrow, there will be no question about the outcome of this election! 

But I also want you to know that I will be a president for all Americans: Republicans, Democrats, Independents. Not just the people who supported me in this election. Everyone. 

Because I believe we all have a role to play in building a better, fairer, stronger America. Building on the progress that we have enjoyed under President Barack Obama over the last eight years. 

I am not going to let anybody rip away the progress we’ve made and turn the clock back, sending us back in time — where people are free to question the foundation of our country, what our founders here did. You know they did not agree on everything, in case you haven’t remembered. 

There were lots of contentious arguments, but they saw a higher purpose, and they came together. That’s what I want us to do and we can take the first step tomorrow.

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