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Why This Election Will be Decided by Christians

Written by iPatriot

25 million Christian registered voters failed to do their civic duty when they did not vote in the 2012 election.

Obama won by a mere 5 million votes. Contrary to popular perception, he did not win in a popular vote landslide; he received 51% of the popular vote.

If just 21% of the Christians who didn’t vote had voted for Romney, the last 8 years would have been very different for the church.

Obama has persecuted the church, pushed through same-sex marriage via the liberal Supreme Court justices he appointed, and moved us closer to Sharia law and “international law” influencing US court decisions. And he has been the most bloodthirsty president in history in terms of promoting infanticide

More important in this election than the past is the future. The next president will nominate at least three Supreme Court Justices, and possibly as many as four. Consider this. Obama has appointed two extremely liberal Supreme Court Justices, Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. Had he never been elected, the vote on same-sex marriage would have been 6 to 3 – against.

Some time ago I received a phone call about an assignment God had given to a Christian patriot named Randy Kenworthy. I agreed to help with an amazing project – the largest prayer gathering for an election in our nation’s history. Here is how it came about in Randy’s own words…

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