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2016 Election

Hillary Goes BERSERK When Heckler Brings up Bill’s Rape Accusers

Written by iPatriot

In the latest example of the Hillary Clinton campaign coming apart at the seams, today at her own rally in Arizona, the would-be leader of the free world lost control of her own rally and went on a tirade that reminded one of a Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler speech.

As she was in the middle one of her talking points, Mrs. Clinton was interrupted by a protester who began reminding the ex-First Lady of her husband’s many infidelities and crimes. While the audio is difficult to hear precisely, the heckler appeared to make numerous accusations against the 42nd President of the United States including reminders of his many rape allegations. In what could be interpreted as a sign of the pressure Donald Trump’s recent rise in the polls is putting on her campaign, the typically poker-faced Mrs. Clinton exploded on the protester in an odd and seemingly frantic monologue.

All of Mrs. Clinton’s vitriol was difficult to pick up as the crowd began drowning her out in a scene reminiscent of an unruly mob but her body language spoke more loudly than any words might as she channeled her inner dictator for life pose with exaggerated hand motions, sarcastic smirks, and a significant period of ranting and raving while, seemingly, she was talking to herself as the audience reached a frenzied pitch.

If for no other reason, Hillary Clinton as President should scare you after watching this video – can you imagine her State of the Union speeches as she rants and raves, echoing Adolf, Joseph and Fidel’s body language? See the video in its entirety below…

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