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Flashback: President Bill Clinton ‘Lost’ 1 MILLION Emails Due to ‘Glitch’

Jeff Dunetz
Written by Jeff Dunetz

It’s funny how Clinton Scandals always seem to get covered up by a loss of of emails. Hillary’s present email scandal is not the first time this has happened to Bubba and Hillary. During Bill Clinton’s tenure in the White House (WH), a ‘glitch’ (or person) turned off an automatic email archiving system causing the loss of around one million emails. The emails that just “happened” to disappear were the same ones Kenneth Starr was subpoenaing for the Monica Lewinsky scandal and that Congress was asking for in their investigation of “Filegate.”

Also coincidentally, the lost emails were from the server that controlled the email accounts of President Clinton and other potential witnesses in the above scandal. The people who discovered the emails were missing were threatened with jail if they spoke about the loss.

According to the House Oversight Committee report released in Dec. 2000…

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Jeff Dunetz

Jeff Dunetz

Jeff is a Journalist, Blogger and one of the rare Jewish conservatives in a sea of north east liberal Jews (Thanksgiving dinner is a real pip). Jeff was honored with the 2014 Not For Profit Blogger of the Year award by the National Blogger's Club, is editor/publisher of The Lid (, contributing reporter at and Political Columnist for the newspaper, The Jewish Star.

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