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2016 Election Media

Trump UP in Half the Polls Taken!

Written by iPatriot

Despite what the mainstream media would have you believe, according to the most recent polls taken as of Friday, October 21st, Donald Trump leads in over half of the available polls. As collected by, the polls below show both Trump’s momentum and energy in key battleground states and across the country continues as this election comes down to the wire.

While polling methods are certainly up for debate, and in many cases appear to be part of the media’s biased attempt to swing the election for Hillary Clinton, even with the inherent disadvantage Trump is showing that this Presidential race will come down to the final day. Our country’s history is to fight against tyrannical rule, in 2016 that may mean fighting the mainstram media’s attempts to sway this election for Hillary Clinton and her Globalist friends by showing up in force at the polls on November 8th…

Look at the polls here at

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