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Justin Amash Says Obama is Leading Us to a Dangerous Future

In a wide ranging interview, Justin Amash (R-MI) responds to some very important issues.

The minimum wage

When you increase the minimum wage you hurt people who are poor and people who are young… you actually increase unemployment.

Even the Democrats understand this principle. Just this year there was legislation to stop minimum wage increases in some of the US territories… those were leading to high rates of unemployment. Even the Democrats like Nancy Pelosi voted to stop those minimum wage increases…

The Safety net

In any large economy you are going to have some safety net and government is often going to be involved. I think it’s better involved at the state level rather than at the federal level…

Someone comes in for a job interview and tell the employer, “I’d like to work for your business but I’m currently receiving unemployment benefits maybe you can contact me when my benefits end.” We need to move away from that… we have to increase this idea of personal responsibility in this country…

Obama’s Legacy

Will be one of hypocrisy…

I think it’s scary the direction the government is going, regardless of whether you have a Republican President or a Democratic President. We have an executive branch that is getting way too powerful, and President Obama is setting the stage for something very dangerous in the future. I think as a Congress we need to step up and point out and take charge and point out when the President is going beyond his constitutional powers, which is frequent, and we have got to do something about it and we haven’t done that as a Congress.

Grading House Republicans

At times we’ve done a great job… as a whole… we haven’t done enough… on Benghazi, on the NSA.

Executive Overreach

There’s been an undermining of the Constitution. We are supposed to have separate branches of government that are co-equal, and we have a situation where the Executive Branch is taking more and more of the power and authority… it’s a very dangerous precedent that is being set…

Immigration Reform

It makes it a lot tougher to support immigration reform… you don’t have a partner in the White House. He’s proven himself to be unreliable… and unwilling to enforce the law as it is passed by Congress.

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