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The Duck Dynasty Controversy Affects Us All


I’m reading posts and blogs that are trivializing the Duck Dynasty controversy as being just about a silly TV show. There are more important things in life to worry about.


Remember when people said that the homosexual marriage issue didn’t affect them, so why get involved in opposing it? “Live and let live,” people said. Tell that to bakeries and photographers who are being sued because of the stand they’ve taken against the ideological, political, and judicial bullies.


Then there’s the teacher who was fired by a lesbian athletic director at a private school because she “disapproved of his ‘traditional family status,’” the fired teacher claims in a lawsuit.


There’s more to come if we don’t take a stand against the bullying now. There won’t be any way to stop the bullies when they go after more of our freedoms.


It happened in Nazi Germany, and it CAN happen here.


14 - Monument at Holocaust MemorialThe following was written by Jeremiah G. Dys, as he says, “With apologies to Martin Niemoller”:


“First they came for the Ocean Grove Camp Meeting Association, but I wasn’t a retreat center, so, I did nothing.


“When, they came for Tim Tebow, I wasn’t a Heisman-winning quarterback, so I did nothing.




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