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Trump Campaign Manager: Critics “Ride Around on a High Horse,” Sticking Tongues Down Girls’ Throats [VIDEO]

Written by Philip Hodges

MSNBC host Chris Matthews wanted to know from Donald Trump’s campaign manager Kellyanne Conway about the Republican nominee’s vulgar eleven-year-old comments.

Matthews wanted to know if it was truly “idle locker room banter,” or whether it was Trump recounting his own sexual assaults. Conway assured Matthews that it was pure talk, evidenced by the fact that she’s been alone with Trump many times, and he’s been nothing but a gracious gentleman.

Chris Matthews: Did you believe when he said it was idle locker room banter, or was he recounting his way of dealing with women, including his aggressive grabbing, to be blunt about it? That wasn’t locker room banter, that was a recounting of the way he dealt with women. Did you believe that was a problem for him? 

Kellyanne Conway: I’ve always been a person, Chris, who watched what people do, not what they say.

Matthews: He talked about what he did. 

Conway: No, he said it was locker room banter. 

Matthews: You mean he was making it up. 

Conway: As somebody who knows him well and has been alone with him many times. He has been very gracious, he’s a gentleman. I’ve never experienced that conduct. I would talk to some of the members of congress out there, when I was younger and prettier. Them rubbing up against girls, sticking their tongues down women’s throats, uninvited, who didn’t like it. You’re saying yeah because you know it was true.

Matthews: I’ve heard those accounts, or course. 

Conway: Some are on the list of people who won’t support Donald Trump, because they ride around on a high horse. 

Matthews pressed further, and Conway added that she had asked Trump herself whether he was recounting his own experiences with women. She stated that he said no. She said that she looks at the “full measure” of everybody. In other words, not just their “idle locker room banter,” but their behavior.

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