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Media Declares Race OVER Amid Leaked Audio of Trump’s Dirty Talk

Written by Philip Hodges

No matter what you think of Trump, whether he was your first choice or not, the recently leaked audio doesn’t bode well for the nominee.

He said some pretty nasty things. Granted, it was over a decade ago. But this is a presidential election, and this is October. The gloves have come off, and all the stops have been pulled out.

Now, all of Trump’s opponents are calling the race for Hillary. They think the leaked audio was the coup de grâce that will make it impossible for Trump to continue. They think he’s over, and that he’s going to drop out immediately.

James Caravelle and Mark Cuban were both guests on Bill Maher’s show on Friday. They said with certainty that it’s over for Trump:

Bill Maher: Donald Trump was supposed to have a rally tomorrow with Paul Ryan and now he has been disinvited — this just happened before we went — and it’s going to be Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. Wow. When the top of the ticket is disinvited to his own rally?

Mark Cuban: He’s finally toxic. Donald Trump is finally toxic. 

James Caravelle: Mark and I got in a discussion before the show. I think he’s going to quit. Really, right now, I’m saying right here.


Maher: You know why he’s not going to win? Because his basket of deplorable and if the basket fits…

In like manner, Bob Beckel weighed in on CNN:

They weren’t the only ones of course. Former Jeb Bush surrogate and self-proclaimed “Never-Trumper” Ana Navarro said that the nominee needs to drop out. MSNBC hosts Chris Hayes and Rachel Maddow also concur that he won’t be the nominee for much longer.

In Trump’s video apology, he mentioned how Bill Clinton has actually abused women. And Trump added that the former President had actually said far worse things to him on the golf course.

I certainly don’t doubt that. The thing is, Bill is a Democrat. If Trump had run as a Democrat and had made it this far, it wouldn’t have been that big of a deal. If you’re going to run on the Republican ticket, the media will hold you to much higher standards than they do Democrats. They don’t even expect Democrats to have standards. For that reason, Democrats are virtually immune to scandals.

In no way am I trying to defend what Trump said a long time ago. It was pretty bad, but I’m not sure that I agree with the pundits who are calling the race for Hillary. That’s what they want. And there might be a dip in the polls over the next week or so, but I don’t think it’s over. Especially since we don’t know what October surprise awaits Hillary.

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